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August 22, 2017
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September 21, 2017
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It is no arcane knowledge that solar energy is the world’s most abundant and cheapest source of energy available from nature. It is free, noise free, clean and automatically renewable everyday. Evidently, emphasis have shifted from the use of other forms of energy generation to mainly solar. More so, the acceptance and popularity of this form of renewable (free) energy in Nigeria and other sub Saharan regions has began to gain more ground. well, the reasons may not be far fetched due to favourable weather condition and more importantly, the cost effectiveness over time.

However, the essence of knowing how to manage (use) solar energy effectively cannot be over emphasized because in it’s effective usage lies it’s gains..few tips on how best to maximize the use of your solar energy system are;

* Proper system sizing : in this case, some major factors to consider are; sizing for off grid system(s) and of course, for hybrid system(s).
With a proper energy demand information, a bespoke system sizing is recommended by a competent evaluator. This helps to avert cases of system abuse as evident in system undersizing (overloading), et all. Hence, a critical factor in the performance of a solar energy system.

* The efficiency level of the various components of a solar energy system.. Ranging from the inverter, battery type, charge controller, cable and also the PV panels also influence the efficiency of a solar energy system.

* Don’t ‘always’ allow the depth of discharge of a deep cycle battery(bankup bank) go below 25% of its capacity. It has negative effect on the life span of the battery over time.

* Periodic cleaning and clearing of the panel surface(s) of dirt and any obstruction (shading) from maximum exposure to sunlight helps the solar panel(s) work at optimal level.
With this few tips, one can use his/her solar energy system effectively.

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