Serious Power

Provides between 20kWh and 25kWh of electricity a day. The energy is sufficient to provide power a 4 bedroom home for 24 hours. It powers all basic loads including: Large Fridge, Fans, TV, Sound System and Gadgets, Water Pump, Microwave, Washing Machine and a Deep Freezer.

*Prices shown include 5% VAT and are subject to change without notice. If you need more power we can build you a bespoke package. If you already have batteries/ inverter we can integrate these with your Solar System if in good condition.

What to expect

This package comes with an 16 x 250W High Efficiency Panels.
We use high quality poly-crystalline solar panels with some of the highest efficiency rates available
1 x 4KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Our hybrid Solar Inverter and charge controller comes with complete LCD display, simplified wiring, various protections, and solar-grid dual power sources.
8 x 12V 150AH Flooded Batteries capable of storing sufficient energy to cover 1 to 2 days of continuos rain with little or no sunshine.
Solynta guarantees high quality installations from our highly qualified team of specialists. Full customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Solar Panels - 25 years Inverter - 3 years Charge Controller - 12 months Batteries -24 months