Do solar panels still work when Raining?

Solar Energy: The Past, Present and Future
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Do solar panels still work when Raining?
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Contrary to popular belief, when it’s raining, solar power systems still generate electricity. Panels operate most efficiently in full sun, but they don’t stop producing electricity when it is raining or cloudy.  The fact is, visible light still gets through rain and clouds. We can all see that the sky isn’t completely dark when it rains. Infrared light gets through cloud and rain even more easily. Just for you to know, how much power solar system produce during cloudy, rainy weather. Your solar system still generate 75% of our needed electricity during cloudy and rainy weather. But when the sun is shining, you now be getting 100% of your solar power energy.

How do solar panels charge batteries?

Solar batteries work by converting the AC energy being produced by your solar panels and storing it as DC power for later use. In some cases, solar batteries have their own inverter and offer integrated energy conversion. The higher your battery’s capacity, the larger the solar system it can charge.

When you install a solar battery as part of your solar panel system, you are able to store excess solar electricity at your home. If your solar panels are producing more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes towards charging the battery. Later, when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, you can draw down the energy you stored earlier in your battery for night use. You’ll only send electricity back to the grid when your battery is fully charged. but in Nigeria, you cannot send electricity to the grid. And you’ll only draw electricity from the grid when your battery is depleted.

Now, how do you use your solar batteries when it cloudy?

When cloudy, for your solar batteries to last longer, you need to reduce the amount of appliance that you use in your house. Any equipment that is above 100 watts should do off at that time it is cloudy.


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