Solar Panel Installations Live in Lagos!

Solar Installer
Light dey? (Is there electricity in the house?)
Solar Panel Installations Live in Lagos!

Check out these installations going on in Lagos, Nigeria.They are carried out by solynta energy Limited a firm with its headquarters in Oniru,Victoria Island for  1,2,3,4 and 5 kw solar panels

This one above is a roof-top panel installation made for a resident at Bashiru  fakorede street,oral estate,ikota lekki.

The panels come in various sizes and colors with accompanying plans for proper affordability and maintenance.

The one below is a 1kw panel stripe-board  model installed at Gionee estate, lakowe, Ajah.

It can power Lights(electric bulbs,energy-saving bulbs,e.t.c),Fans(ceiling and standing fans),Tvs,Small Refridgerators,Sound systems, e.t.c


Another resident at Oladipo Banjo street area of Ogba also received its own fair share of happy moments when a 1kw solar panel was installed for her to complement her domestic electricity needs.

This 2kw panel can power lights, fans, tvs, large refridgerators, sound systems, water-pumps, microwave, washing machines e.t.c

Royal Gardens Estate  Lekki. The list goes on.

Solar panel installations not only supply electricity but also beautify houses. Check out the ambience and style they bring to rooftops. They make buildings stand-out.

With multi-benefits that they bring to owners, it may leave you wondering if they are affordable .Of course, they are!

Check out their plans and respective prices here to choose your taste and preference

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