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Light dey? (Is there electricity in the house?)

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Light dey? (Is there electricity in the house?)

Light as a synonym for electricity in Nigeria is a common term to all class of citizens. This is so because of the general use of electricity at various times of the day and at night. One of the major importance of this resource is for visibility. Surprisingly, over 40% of Nigerians currently have limited access to this ‘light’ or barely receive supply. Hence, they have to depend on either petrol generators, kerosene lamps (lanterns) or candles for illumination.

 Although, Nigeria at the moment has an installed capacity of about 7,000MW but currently generates and transmits an average of 3,500MW for the entire population (who are connected to the national grid) at the moment.In the towns and cities, it is not uncommon to hear people ask in pidgin English whenever they call home if ‘Light dey’.This question is often asked to prepare their minds for the ‘surprise’ they will meet if returning from work. They expect to meet electricity but if they don’t, may have to branch into a petrol station to buy petrol for their generators on their way back from work.
With the current economic situation, Nigerians currently groan in literary darkness wondering when the government will come to their rescue so that they need not ask if ‘Light dey’ but constantly enjoy 24 hours of power.
This wait for constant power from the grid has been one very long elusive one until the recent emergence of Solar power providers.
 The pain of darkness borne by Millions of Nigerians is real. The groan of income earners as they constantly buy petrol for their generators everyday with no end in sight is beyond what words can explain. No wonder when God was creating the world, he had to make light first by commanding- “Let there be light” ensuring that nothing else was created in the absence of light.
Nigerians must as a matter of necessity and urgency begin to source for constant alternative source of power from the sun and find a reliable service provider to address their electricity needs at an affordable cost. This will improve illumination, production, business support services and on the overall increased productivity resulting in national growth and development.


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