Solar Panel Installations Live in Lagos! II

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***Uniqueness of Solar***
Solar Panel Installations Live in Lagos! II

Hy Everyone.Welcome to the second edition of our lagos solar installation series.We’ve had series of  “info” on installations within the state and we’ll proceed further.

Check the one below done at ikorodu.If you Observe,there are twelve panels installed on the roof.What does that mean?The installation is a 3kw installation accompanied by six batteries,an inverter,and a charge controller.

Depending on the taste of the householder it could be a parallel or series installation like the one below.

Aha! Lets go indoors!

Can you see the battery ?As shown above, their usefulness here is to store energy .

On the other hand,the inverter which have a bit of blue-colored surface is meant to convert solar energy to electrical energy for domestic usage.See below a table of products and the benefits that come with it…

System size Solar panel Battery Charge Controller Inverter
1kw 4 2 1 1
2Kw 8 4 2 1
3Kw *12 *6 *3 *1
4Kw 16 8 4 1
5Kw 20 10 5 1

Definitely, Solar is the way to go.See you soon.*Further guidance on volume depending on your energy needs to be advised by your engineer.*

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