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***Uniqueness of Solar***

Solar Panel Installations Live in Lagos! II
Words of Inspiration from the Founder…
***Uniqueness of Solar***

Have you ever wondered why solar energy is called “The future of power generation”?

It is no longer just for grid-like electricity supply alone. It can be used indoors to power simple domestic devices you never thought was possible!

Check out these devices below and see the usefulness of solar.

This is a solar Air-conditioner

They take in solar energy using a thermal collector inside the air-conditioners which is then converted into electricity to power them.

This is an  proto-type of a Solar Charger.

Solar chargers have panels that charge the rechargeable battery inside,which in turn charges your mobile devices.

They are cheaper than their counterparts that require local power supply to operate and are more

eco-friendly .

Warranty for them extends for several years.

Iam sure by now you will see reason why solar is Unique-and a better alternative.Get on board!

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