What are solar cells?

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What are solar cells?

What is a solar cell?
It is a device  that takes the  sunlight energy and converts it into electric power.It normally comes embedded in a solar panel

What is it made of?

A solar cell is made up of silicon and are joined together to form a circuit.


How does  it convert sunlight energy into electric power?

The bonds between silicon atoms are shared between are made of electrons that a all of the atoms of the crystal. The light gets absorbed, and one of the electrons situated in one of the bonds gets a up to a higher energy level and can move around more freely than when it was bound. So the  electron  moves around the crystal easily, and we get a current for use.


How does a plant capture light energy in contrast with solar cells?

Plants absorb the light, and  use that electron to change a chemical bond inside the plant to make fuel.


Has  artificial photosynthesis  being done to mimic a plant?
At the moment it has not been done,but  hopefully it will be in the future.


How good are current solar cells at capturing light energy?
Solar cells capture light  very well and sufficient enough for conversion into electricity


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