Smart Nigerians Relate How They Survived Fuel Scarcity

How You Can Avoid Being Held Hostage By Fuel Scarcity In The New Year Celebrations
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Yesterday was Xmas,today is Boxing day,and in some couple of days time it will be the New year.

At  Critical times like this, there is nothing as valuable as having a ‘Plan B’ to serve as backup for our initial decisions.

During the last fuel scarcity that occurred,there were some residents who didn’t feel the heat.This was due to them having a backup plan for whatever situation they envisaged might come up.

And they have come out to say how they feel about using solar as an alternative source of power. Here is a comment from one happy customer …

Mrs Akin-Britto


“Hurray!  I’m a proud advocate of solar.Before now,I never believed in it and did not imagine how solar will solve my energy needs.When I got connected, I became the queen of light in my environment and my neighbours envy me for having 24 hrs power supply despite the fuel scarcity.I can now keep perishables in the house and cook enough to keep in my fridge. And through my experience, neighbours have bought into the idea of having a solar system installed in their homes.Thanks to Solynta. Three Gbosa! To solynta: GBOSA! GBOSA!! GBOSA!!!”

Out of the crowd,it is only the wise that identifies and  thread the path of success.You too can avoid the inconveniences that come with fuel scarcity,epileptic power supply and get yourself 24 hrs electricity!

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