How Algae’s(micro-organisms) Contribute To Us Having Solar Power

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One major wonder about Solar, is its ability to connect with Nature to perform its task.
As a result of this, it is easy and convenient to use the energy it produces. And of course as its name implies, it is a renewable/green – which makes it pollution free.

As regards to the above, one outstanding achievement by scientists in the solar industry is the creation of Biopholtovoltaics(BPVs) or Bio-Solar Cells(solar cells are materials embedded in solar panels).


BPVs are fuel cells that use the power of photosynthesis in microscopic organisms to create electricity.
When there is sunlight,the BPVs harvest solar energy and convert it into electric current using the photosynthetic abilities of micro-organisms such as algae – Which is actually environmentally-friendly and cost-effective energy source.

BPVs are built for good performance and storage as well, so that energy created during daytime could be saved and used at night or on cloudy days.
And there is ongoing improvement in the design as the scientists have even developed a more power-full ones that functions five times better than the present ones.

If designs of products or any sort are made and connected with nature,its output and usefulness will be of great benefit to us .And definitely,we wouldn’t experience the hazards of pollution and ill-health.

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