How to Conserve Money and Electricity through Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency or efficient energy use simply means an aim to limit or reduce the amount of energy required to deliver a service or product.

In essence, it means using the less amount of energy to achieve the same goal.

The pressure on local power grid is enormous – with very little supply to homes and communities.As a result of this,a lot of households are placed on supply rotation(where they are s


In most houses, it is common to see incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs drain so much energy that even a small ‘I pass my neighbor’ generator’s power supply abilities is heavily affected when a handful of them is put on. But  fluorescent lights use two-thirds less energy than incandescent light bulbs and usually last over 6 times longer.

How is it done?


However, good energy efficiency practice is done when they are replaced with LED or fluorescent lights so as to reduce consumption rate and save energy.

Its Impact :

According to the European union, the German government and USAID(United States Agency for International Development),Nigeria could save an average of 57.5% of energy generated through it.


  1. It helps to conserve energy (either when connected to local grid supply or using Solar)

2.It helps to reduce environmental green house effect when using appliances

  1. It aids comfort and healthy life-styles in homes
  2. It helps to save energy bills or money spent on power
  3. It ensures good, clean breathe of fresh air all around.







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