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How to Calculate the Energy your Gadgets consume (II)

How to Calculate the Energy Your Gadgets Consume (I)
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How  Do i Calculate the system size required?

Step 1

Calculate the daily energy consumption of your key appliances

Calculation: Device wattage x No of hours used daily(watt hours)

E.g 125 watt T v used for three hours a day consumes 375 watt-hours


Convert the watt hours to kilowatts

Calculation: Divide the watt hours by 1,000

e.g T v Consuming 120 watt hours uses 0.120kWh per day(120 watt hours/1000)

Step 3

Work out the system size required

-Calculation: Divide the total number of daily kwh used by all your appliances by the no of peak daily sunshine hours at that location.

E.g Lagos -4.5 hours daily peak sunshine hours.So a home consuming 18kwh per day would require a 4 Kw system(18kwh/4)

With these three basic steps, you will be able to decide which system size is suitable for you.

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