How Solar is saving lives in Nigerian hospitals

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Imagine having an energy source that not only provides power, but is useful in situations of emergency and can even save lives? Here is the touching story of how Solar saved a patient’s life when the local hospitals generator broke down!

Some days ago, Lagos hospital owner Dr. Aderemi was carrying out an emergency laparomoty. He had chosen to use the generator because of the heavy equipment required for the procedure. Whilst operating on his patient a frightening situation arose. The generator went off suddenly – the worst possible scenario for the  patient.

Thankfully, Dr. Aderemi was able to immediately switch on his solar power system to get the equipment back up and running. He then completed the operation. That switch over saved the day as it prevented the patient from suffering from complications or worse still, losing his life.

Far from being uncommon, Dr. Aderemi confirmed that, “there have been one or two other life-threatening situations like that”. It is easy to imagine that this dangerous situation presents itself at thousands of hospitals across the nation.

Going Solar has been incredible positive for Dr. Aderemi. His hospital has a reliable source of power for procedures and is now able to stay open for longer increasing customer satisfaction and profits.

He advises that the government critically look into the challenge of insufficient power supply and its impact on the survival of  small and medium scale enterprises in the country.

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