Money Back Solar – Top Things You Need To Know.

The Ministry of Power goes Solar!
Money Back Solar – Top Things You Need To Know.

Q1. What is Money Back Solar?
Money Back Solar is a product that allows you to get 24 hours power in the easiest way possible. Most of us recognize that Solar Power is the cheapest and most reliable source of power compared to running a generator. However, the cost of purchasing a Solar Home System outright is typically very high.

Q2. How does it work?

Step 1
Sign up to our affordable 36-month payment plan

Step 2
Pay your fully refundable security deposit to get installed today!

Q3. Is it a real offer?
Yes. Money Back Solar is just one of a series of products that we have successfully delivered in Nigeria to provide accessible and affordable power.

Q4. Why did you introduce this plan?
Our mission is to power 20 million homes and small businesses by 2030. We understand that in order to meet this objective we must make it easier for you to get the constant power your need and deserve.

Q5. How does this compare with other solar plans on the market?
Most solar providers in Nigeria still require you to purchase your system outright.

Money Back Solar is a great opportunity to purchase your system over 36 months. All that is required to get started is a refundable security deposit.

Q6. What can I power?
Depending on the system size you purchase you can power your:
Water Pump
Deep Freezer
and more…

Q7. How can I be certain that I’ll get my money back?
We have a written legally binding contract with all our customers outlining the terms and conditions of our agreement.

Q8. What happens if my Solar Home System breaks down?
Your Solar Home System warranty is valid for 3 years. During that time, we are responsible for any repairs and at absolutely no cost to you. After that period, we will still continue to service and repair your system for as long as you like. However, a charge will apply.

Q9. Tell me more about Solynta
Since 2013 we have been Nigeria’s leading urban rooftop solar provider with over 1.5MW of projects installed nationwide. Please view our media coverage and customer testimonials at www.solyntaenergy.com

Q10. Do you have any investment opportunities?
We do. Please contact us on 0813 114 5020 to discuss our investment opportunities.

CTA: Get Started with Money Back Solar (link to MBS plans page)

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