Money Back Solar – Top Things You Need To Know.
4 Things To Consider when choosing between a Generator or a Solar Home System

One of the benefits of a Solar Home System is its longevity. Solar Panels typically come with a 25-year warranty, and their lifespan can be as long as 40 years. While solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance, occasional cleaning and servicing can help extend their lifespan and efficiency.

Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

The more direct sunlight solar panels can absorb, the more energy they generate. It is important to keep your panels clean from debris such as dirt and dust. This will ensure they produce enough power to service your needs.
How Do I Clean Solar Panels?
You have a couple of options for cleaning your panels: you can call a professional, or you can do it yourself. If you don’t want to do the job contact your solar installer to see if they can assist.

Here are 5 few tips in case you choose to clean your own panels.
Clean your panels in the early morning or late evening. This will ensure you avoid working under the heat and also avoid water marks on your solar panels
Make sure you use a sturdy ladder and wear safety garments such as boots with a good grip, a harness and hard hat.
Make sure you avoid stepping on the actual panels
Use clean water and a sponge. Use gentle small circular strokes to clear the dirt and hose off.
Never use harsh cleaning supplies, abrasive scrubbers as they are certain to damage your panels.

How Do I Check the Entire System?

If you employ a professional, they will be able to check the entire system to ensure the:
panels are still firmly secured
fittings and cables at the panels and the inverter remain securely attached
internal wiring is fit for purpose
inverter display is not showing any faults
batteries are not showing any signs of leakage
charge controllers are fully functional
system is being housed in an adequately ventilated area


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