4 Things To Consider when choosing between a Generator or a Solar Home System

Five Tangible benefits of going solar
4 Things To Consider when choosing between a Generator or a Solar Home System

There are two main power solutions on the market. Deciding on the best one for you can be a challenge. Here’s our top 54tips on what you should consider.

1. What are the benefits ?
Understanding the benefits of going Solar compared to running your generator is important.

Calculate exactly how much you will spend on generator equipment, fuel and maintenance over 2-3 years versus purchasing a 25-year Solar Home System over the same period
Consider how convenient running a generator is compared with a Solar Home System. Which requires less effort to run and maintain?
Ask yourself which solution can give you constant power that allows you to enjoy your home or increase your productivity at work
Compare how flexible both products are. Is it easy to upgrade? Can you retain your existing equipment if you need more power or do you have to carry out a full and costly replacement?
Health matters. Research the health implications of running a Solar Home System compared to a generator

2. What are the payment options?

There once was a time when there were no flexible options for purchasing power equipment. This has changed greatly, and you will need to shop around to find the best solution.

Which is more flexible? Find out what your financial options are for purchasing a Solar Home System versus a Generator
Avoid purchasing a power solution outright as this ties up your money unnecessarily

3. What are the risks?

Identifying any risks associated with your purchase will save you in the long run.

Identify which product can be installed without full upfront payment as this lowers your risk of financial loss
Consider which product is more likely to be covered by a warranty
Choose the power solution provider that offers a long term dedicated customer support service

4.What are the recommendations?

It’s likely that you already know what it’s like to own a generator. How about a Solar Home System? The best way to understand what it’s like to go solar is to hear what other users say.

Watch Solar Customers talking about their experience here [link to a customer testimonial]

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