Nigerian Government sets up solar Energy in 37 universities

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In the 32nd convocation lecture delivered by Mr Babatunde Fashola ( Minister of works) at the Yaba College of Technology, he said the Federal Government was ready to set up solar energy systems in 37 universities across the country.
According to him, its an ongoing process which the federal government plans to sustain to ensure all the higher institutions of learning are fully equipped with the renewable energy.
Nine institutions are the first set to benefit from 12 megawatts of electricity that will be delivered as part of the initial phase of the project.

The objective of this move was to tackle irregular power supply in these institutions, and by extension improve its storage, create investment opportunities while keeping up pace with the latest technology in electricity generation and distribution.
Solar according to energy experts is the future of power generation. Kudos to the Federal Government for a step in the right direction.

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