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Seven wasteful habits you should avoid this season

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The festive season is a period when appliances and gadgets tend to be more engaged and constantly in use in most households. When operating them, we need to be careful and not overlook little actions that may cost us more than what we expect to incur. What are some of these habits that should really be avoided?

1. Leaving our lights on when not in use
This is a very common habit . Putting off lights when stepping out saves energy and can be done in less than a minute.

2. Leaving our electronics plugged in after use
Most of our devices have a 100% charge limit for storing power and would not take more than that capacity. Leaving them plugged in even when fully charged will only suck up more power from our sockets without storing. This might lead to increased bills and gradual reduce the battery life span.

3. Unnecessary opening of fridges and freezers
Opening our fridges or freezers more than necessary could lead to loss of generated frost or cool air needed to preserve our food items. If this occurs regularly, it will likely increase our power bills and make us pay more than our budgeted spending. Careful opening and regulated usage is advised.

4 .Using incandescent bulbs instead of LED bulbs
Generally, we tend to use incandescent bulbs for our lighting and decoration more – probably because its being around for a longtime and we are already used to it. Unfortunately, it consumes more power and generates more room heat than LED bulbs.

5. Not using inbuilt thermostats in our appliances
At times when leaving home in a hurry, we might forget to put off our air conditioners – thereby leading to power wastage. This can be avoided with a programmable thermostat that can trigger it off within a the desired time frame or change to energy-saving mode when we are not at home.

6. Not unplugging computers when not in use
Leaving computers on while not being used accounts for 1.6% of the total amount of electricity consumed in a household . When put into consideration with what your power bills are, it can add up to a significant account amount that can adversely affect your budget. Hence, they should be unplugged when not in use.

7. Using outdated appliances
Avoid using outdated appliances if possible. This is because they consume more energy in which the excess eventually goes unutilized – thereby leading to increased power costs.

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