US Corporate Brand Leaders form Renewable Alliance .

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On the 29th of March 2019,Google, Facebook, General Motors and Walmart, along with over 300 other companies, launched the (REBA) — the largest group of corporate renewable energy buyers in the United States. With the sole aim of working to unlock the marketplace for organizations to buy renewable energy, REBA hopes to bring more than 60 GW of new renewables online in the United States by 2025.

The organization with offices in Washington, D.C, and Boulder, Colorado, will function as a membership organization spanning diverse industries and business types,whose leadership circle alone represents annual revenues of $1 trillion, millions of jobs and more than 1% of annual U.S. electricity consumption (48 terawatt-hours).
REBA’s vision of tomorrow’s energy marketplace is simple and powerful: a resilient, carbon-free energy system where every organization has an easy and cost-effective path to buying renewable energy.
Corporate energy consumers have the collective voice to change markets, and REBA plans to provide a forum to bring together companies to drive a sustainable future.

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