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How To Calculate The Power Consumption Of Household Appliances?

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On the way to figuring out how much energy you require in total, determine how much power each of your appliances consume. Your power consumption is measured in watt-hours. So, you need to know the watts used by an appliance. It varies with each of the electric appliances. What is it’s size, type, time in use, and the technology of the device, etc. There are a couple of methods to know the wattage of an appliance.

You can check the wattage of an appliance near the AC power cord. This may be in amps or watts. If it is in amps, then knowing the house voltage; you use a simple formula:

Watts = Amps * Volts


The kitchen is the hub of a home, so find below the power rating/ consumption per day/year


150 to 200 W

365 days – continuously

201 kWh

Microwave oven

1000 to 1500 W

48 weeks – 1.5 h/week

90 kWh

Conventional electric oven

2000 to 2500 W

48 weeks – 1.5 h/week

162 kWh


1200 W

48 weeks – 1 h/10 days

44 kWh (approx.)


200 W

48 weeks – 2 h/10 days

14.6 kWh



90 to 250 W

335 days – 4 hours/ day



20 to 60 W

335 days – 4 hours/ day


Low-energy light bulb

12 W

335 days – 5 hours/ day

20 kWh

Game console

20 to 180 W

387 hours/ year

7.75 to 69.5 kWh

TVD/ADSL decoder

365 days – continuously

277 kWh + 112 kWh

Halogen lamps

300 W

335 days – 5 hours/ day

503 kWh

Stereo system

40 W

335 days – 4 hours/ day


Window AC

660 W

365 days – 6 hours/ day


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