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Most of us want to enjoy running our appliances for as long as we can throughout the day. Whatever your energy source, energy efficiency can help you achieve this. Energy efficiency is controlling and reducing the power you use. This makes your available light last for longer and significantly reduces your spend. In this article we have identified 5 ways in which you can save energy in your home or business.

You will be surprised to see how small changes can add up to make a great impact in your life. What’s more, it’s a great time of the year to get started as we head towards the season of change and renewal.

Energy Saving Tip # 1
Invest in LED Lights

On average 10% of our energy costs goes towards lighting so switching to energy efficient lighting is the fastest ways to get your household to run for longer on your budget and save money . 90% of the energy from traditional incandescent bulbs is given off as heat and the lost energy is money we are throwing away. LED lights are the most energy efficient bulbs on the market. They use just 20-25% off the energy and last 15-25 times longer than your regular lightbulbs. Contrary to belief they come in different specifications and can be just as bright and the prices have come down in recent years.

Energy Saving Tip # 2
Manage Your Fridge

Keeping your fridge’s temperature consistent is essential to being energy efficient. Putting hot food in the fridge messes up the temperature inside which makes your fridge work harder and consume more power. Always allow your food to cool down to room temperature and then load and unload items quickly to prevent warm air entering. Upgrading to a new model of fridge is also worth considering as newer models tend to have a thermostat that regulates temperature and moisture so that you don’t have to.

Energy Saving Tip # 3
Turn off Unused Appliances
It is estimated that the average home has up to 20 idle appliances that are constantly drawing energy. These devices could be accounting for 10% of your energy usage. Try guessing how many appliances you have running that are not being used and then walk around and see if your appraisal was right. The main offenders are electronic gadgets like your television, fans, laptops, sound systems and phone chargers. In addition, kitchen appliances such as your microwave and kettle that are used for very short periods of time. Avoid leaking electricity and make what you have go further.

Energy Saving Tip # 4
Turn Off That AC
Keep your house ventilated by opening windows or using standing/ceiling fans  instead of turning on your air conditioning (AC) unit . AC’s consume a huge amount of energy and minimizing/stopping their usage will greatly increase the number of hours you can run other key appliances.

Energy Saving Tip # 5
Replace Old Appliances with Efficient Ones
When shopping for new electrical items for your household look for the energy consumption label. This tells you how much energy the new appliance uses compared to your current equipment. The more efficient an appliance is, the less it costs to run.

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