Going Solar Has Helped My Papercraft Business

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Cumulatively Nigerians spend N4.9 trillion annually fueling generators for just 6 -8 hours power supply a day. Generating electricity using solar power is an excellent alternative that provides constant and affordable electricity for homes and businesses. Wouldn’t you like to know what life is like with solar?

 Meet Mr. Stephen Rowland

Mr. Rowland had a Solar Power System installed by Solynta Energy recently. He lives in Lagos and runs a Papercraft business. His choice to go solar for his office was driven by the need to secure 24-Hours power and to ‘reduce my operating costs.’

Prior to going solar he had a generator which gave him limited power supply. Moreover,  ‘It  was stressful and disruptive to business operations switching over between the grid and my generator.’

In June 2019 he found out about Solynta Energy via Facebook and decided to take the plunge and invest in Solar. Unlike many people considering an alternative to running a generator he had no reservations about switching over and was eager to get installed quickly.

Mr. Stephen Rowland’s Solar Home System

2KW full solar home system

Mr. Rowland’s  Solar Home System is 2 KW which includes 8 solar panels, 4 batteries, charge controllers and an inverter. Here’s how his  Solar Power System Works.

Solar Panels placed on his roof capture the sun’s energy as (DC) direct current. The energy is channeled into his office via discreet wiring whilst charge controllers regulate the current from the panels to the battery to prevent over voltage and overcharging. The DC energy from his panels are stored in his batteries for use during the evening when there is no sun. Lastly, the inverter converts the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) which is what most of his businesses electrical appliances are run on.

Mr. Rowlands powers his Laptops, Fans, Lights, Fridge and TV’s using his Solar Power System during his businesses operating hours of between 8am-6pm.

Impact of Going Solar

Going Solar has improved Mr. Rowlands business and life in several ways, ‘The Solar Home System has boosted my productivity and quality of life. The cost savings are wonderful and also the convenience and comfort.’

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