Why Solar Power?

Nigerian Senator Introduces Bill To Ban Importation Of Generators
Togo, Niger, Benin owe Nigeria N30 Billion for Electricity

Solar technology provides environmental and social advantages over other energy sources. Some of the advantages are:
– Low energy costs: The sun provides solar radiation for FREE
– Low maintenance: Fewer moveable parts means fewer parts can break
– No emissions: Solar lighting does not contribute to global warming
– All day; everyday: Solar solutions continue working even if there is a Power Cut
– Easy installation: There are no confusing wires – each system is independent

Why for your home?

In Nigeria, not only is the cost of electricity a burden, the supply of electricity is unpredictable, unreliable and in many cases – unavailable! This makes alternatives energy solutions such as solar energy vital to our lives, and critical for our economic development

Why Now?

As the rising cost of fuel continues to hinder electrification which traditionally depended on petrol or diesel powered generators, the viability of solar has begun to look increasingly attractive, not only in the medium to long term as was the case before, but in the immediate, measurable, future.

Why You?

Whether you are contractor that is engaged in civil installations, a corporate officer that is tasked with reducing energy related expenses, or the head of a household looking to meet its everyday power requirements – Solar energy can solve your problems once and for all. Solar solutions can save you money and provide your regular, predictable, stable power. Why look any further?

Why Us?

Solynta Energy recognizes that one of the major advantages of solar solutions is their longevity and reliability.

In order for our clients to realize these benefits, zero money down solar plan was lunched last year and this has made so many Nigerians to be proud user of full solar home system. At Solynta Energy, we source only the highest quality solar products, and back them up with pre-sales and after-sales customer service and support. Our consultative approach to selling has been a key part of our success to date.

So why wait?

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