Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy

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Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most abundant sources of power. It has countless merits. From gaining electrical independence, to added savings and even positive impact on the environment. Our daily lives are greatly impacted by the energy derived from the sun.

Here are some positive environmental impacts of solar energy.

  • Solar Energy Reduces Air Pollution

A major contributor to air pollution, is the burning of fossil fuels. In Africa, one of the most polluted cities according to the World Health Organization is Onitsha. The smoke comes from exhaust pipes, generators, factories, and even incinerators. All these greatly contribute to air pollution which is very hazardous to health.

Solar energy generates clean energy without the need to burn fossils. It is green and not harmful to our health

  • Solar Energy Reduces the Strain on Finite Resources

Most of the resources in use for energy generation are scarce. This is a major reason why the generation and distribution of electricity is so costly. By utilizing solar energy which is an infinite energy source, the need for fossil fuels and other limited resources to generate power is reduced. Not only does this salvage what is left of those resources, it also reduces pollution.

  • Solar Energy Reduces Water Pollution

This is an indirect way which solar has a positive impact on the environment.

The amount of water required to manufacture and even to clean solar panels is way less than the amount consumed by traditional electricity sources. Older means of electricity generation such as coal-fire facilities require large amounts of water. Solar energy does not stand as a competitor for water consumption unlike other industries such as agriculture.

  • Solar Energy Fights Against Climate Change

The issue of climate change affects every country. However, it is one which has caused a significant amount of problems worldwide. The continual emission of CO2 into the environment compromises our need for clean air as carbon is on a continuous rise. These changing conditions continuously give off a negative impact across different climates and regions.

Numerous professionals have come to a consensus that renewable energy would stem the tide of climate change.


In a nutshell, there are a great number of environmental benefits of solar energy and renewable energy.

This article was aimed at highlighting some of these advantages. If you would like to make the shift to solar energy and contribute to impacting the environment positively click this link to get started https://bit.ly/3lOA5d6

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