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You have gotten a clear understanding on the importance of budgeting. You probably have even gotten on the band wagon. This is a step in the right direction and you deserve some accolades!!

 Your budget must comprise your basic needs. Food clothing and shelter. 

If you own or rent a house, you are aware that shelter comprises a number of smaller needs which are required to make your home livable.

One of such things is Electricity. Within the past year, global circumstances have pointed to Electricity as a very vital need as many facets of our daily lives are dependent on it – communication, work, education, health – the list is endless. 

With the continuous hike in electricity tariffs https://bit.ly/3sSDnQTand petroleum, you may be considering making a shift to solar. 

You may be faced with the dilemma of making a commitment – particularly now that you have set a budget for yourself. 

You hear things like ‘Solar is expensive’ and you want to conclude that you cannot afford it. 

How can I afford solar on a budget? 

With technological advancements and the growth of the solar industry across the world and in Nigeria, the prices of solar have plummeted and been made affordable for everyone.

Even more, reputable solar companies like Solynta Energy offer solar options that best suit your budget and payments are tailored to curb strains.

For starters with just a few appliances to power in your home, the 500KVW is the goto with us. 

When you do decide to make a shift, experts from your chosen solar provider will best inform you on the solar plan that will suit your specific solar needs. 

Drawing up a payment agreement will follow. This is done to ensure that you have no worries or strains when it comes to payments for the technology.

In most cases, you find that the staple monthly payment you will make for your solar power system is nothing as against the expenditure on electricity tariffs and petrol put together. 

If you are considering making a shift to solar, but you have concerns about the pricing as against you budget, here is a little exercise. 

Make an estimate on the total expense you are set to pay for both electricity and petrol following the new hike in prices of both. Go on to calculate it for the next six months. Amazing at how much you are set to spend. 

Make a shift to solar today and cancel off two expenses off your list. Talk to an expert now https://solyntaenergy.com/systems/

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