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If you have been following our page for some time, you would have noticed our various solar products with different financing options available to make going solar easier for you.

We’re here to tell you about our newest product which is our best ever yet. As we know, we are all facing challenging times due to the present situation with the economy. From our countless conversations with potential customers you have told us that what you need is an on demand, flexible and affordable power solution that you can rely on no matter the weather.   And that’s where our brand-new package, Pay As You Go, comes in!

Here are 5 simple reasons why you should hop on this amazing package TODAY!

  • Have The Best Power On The Go! : Our Pay As You Go package gives you the ability to purchase power in small bundles (6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours) which is quite useful for busy and financially stretched workers who may only need this power occasionally.
  • The Pause Functionality : The Pay As You Go package grants all users on the 6-hour, 12 hour and 24 hour bundles the ability to pause your power as you wish. All you need to do is to press the pause button on your inverter. It’s that simple!
  • Save More On Alternative Power Sources : You get to save on your alternative power sources with the Pay As You Go plan, thereby spending way less for more power

  • Special Bonus Offer : There’s nobody that doesn’t love some free bonanzas! With the Pay As You Go package, you get the following :
  • Customers on the 6-hour bundle who run their inverter without pausing get 18 hours free
  • Customers on the 12-hour bundle who run their inverter without pausing get 2 days free
  • Customers on the 24-hour bundle who run their inverter without pausing get 4 days free
    *terms and conditions apply
  • The Maintenance is On Us!: As with our previous packages, Solynta Energy makes sure to give you the best maintenance and repair of all solar equipment

You may have also noticed that there was no talk of longer time subscrptions such as  the 7 and 28 day bundles? Well, not to worry! These bundles still fall under the Solar Subscription packages and if you are already used to this, then it is very much available for you! However, these plans do not come with a pause functionality.

Also, topping up your solar plans on the Pay As You Go are still very much the same, as you would have your unique payment links sent to you via phone and you can simply follow the link to buy the bundle of your choice. Once payment has been received, you would receive a code via SMS and with a simple input of this code, your bundle is activated!

For more info on all our products and services, visit www.solyntaenergy.com


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