Nigeria’s Power Grid Collapses Six times in January 2018

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According to the Nigeria Electricity System Operator,  the national grid collapsed six times between a period of 8 days (From January 1 to 8)

The data collected from transmission company of Nigeria revealed that the national grid collapsed six times within an 8 day period.

Statistics  from the report showed that the country’s power generation crashed from 3,667.5 megawatts on January 1, 2018, to 5.0MW on January 2,the major one for the year.



Although,the  peak power generation during the eight-day period was between 3,707.2MW and 4,982.7MW, they kept nose-diving due to the collapse.

Apart from the first,the second grid collapsed on January 3 and the third on January 5.

On January 6, 7 and 8, three other collapses occurred with the country’s power generation crashing to 173MW, 164.2MW and 72MW, respectively.

The poor power generation on January 27 was due to gas constraint, which prevented the production of over 2,321.8MW of electricity.

The Chief Executive Officer of TCN, Mr Usman Mohammed,  in Abuja, stated the  need for adequate investment in order to stabilise the grid.

He also stated that another line should be built between Benin and Omotosho.

For decades,the national grid has been providing power with a huge burden on the power generation and transmission equipment.If only household alternatives(such as solar) are invested in,such a disaster will really be avoided.

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