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Solar Energy: The Past, Present and Future

INTRODUCTION Solar energy has come a long way from expensive less efficient technology to relatively affordable and efficient technology. There is still so much untapped potential […]
solar in nigeria

Harnessing Solar Energy in Nigeria

Introduction Energy is fundamental to human activities. Every human depends on various forms of energy to go about their daily activities. From potential energy stored in […]


Nigeria is no doubt a big country with over 170 million people. Moreso, the country’s population is growing at 3% per annum and is projected to […]

The Journey To The Sun: Nature’s Response to a Nation’s Need.

The sun is a vital part of our solar system; existing since the beginning of time. It is renowned as the hottest body and object in […]

We are live

We are live

Nigerian Government sets up solar Energy in 37 universities

In the 32nd convocation lecture delivered by Mr Babatunde Fashola ( Minister of works) at the Yaba College of Technology, he said the Federal Government was […]

3 Ways in Which Solar is the Perfect Investment

When Solar is mentioned, what comes to one’s mind is ‘24hrs constant power’. Other synonymous words linked with Solar are renewable energy and sunlight. However, Solar […]

The N.N.P.C plans to goes Solar – A step in the right direction?

“When a Child washes his or her hands properly, he eats with the elders” In essence, he or she  is recognized and appreciated for a kind, […]

5 Electricity Safety Tips you need This Rainy Season

The rainy season is a period   marked with increased rainfall, thunderstorms, high winds and flood. As a result of these,  accidents often occur- especially since water […]
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