solar panels

Do solar panels still work when Raining?

Contrary to popular belief, when it’s raining, solar power systems still generate electricity. Panels operate most efficiently in full sun, but they don’t stop producing electricity […]

Solar Energy: The Past, Present and Future

INTRODUCTION Solar energy has come a long way from expensive less efficient technology to relatively affordable and efficient technology. There is still so much untapped potential […]
solar in nigeria

Harnessing Solar Energy in Nigeria

Introduction Energy is fundamental to human activities. Every human depends on various forms of energy to go about their daily activities. From potential energy stored in […]


Nigeria is no doubt a big country with over 170 million people. Moreso, the country’s population is growing at 3% per annum and is projected to […]

The Journey To The Sun: Nature’s Response to a Nation’s Need.

The sun is a vital part of our solar system; existing since the beginning of time. It is renowned as the hottest body and object in […]

We are live

We are live

How scientists use special solar cells to improve voltage output in solar panels

The discovery of Solar has literally changed not only power generation, but technology as well. Our perception is gradually changing, and  a lot of people now […]

Top Five Tips On How To Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels are key components of our Solar Home Systems. Maintaining them properly, can allow for effective performance and durability. Since they are not moving parts, […]

How The Feed in Tariff Impacts Positively on Nigeria’s Electricity Grid

A feed in tariff system is an electricity payback platform whereby homes and businesses with solar home systems or any other means of generating power could […]

How Solar Farms Provide Electricity And Support The Local Grid

A solar farm is a group of solar arrays on bare open land prepared for the main purpose of generating power from the sun’s energy. A typical large scale solar farm  use […]
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