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Pay As You Go Solar FAQ

1About Us
We are Nigeria's leading urban Solar Power Provider. We were founded in 2013 and are driven by the desire to replace the use of generators with 24-hours power that is clean and affordable. We have installed projects in over 26 states across the country. We passionately believe Solar Power will be the catalyst for driving our economy forward and creating opportunities for everyone. Working together we can be the change we desire
2What is Pay As You Go Solar?
Our Pay As You Go Plan allows you to go solar with no long-term contract. Connect to our Smart Solar Inverter by paying a connection fee starting FROM N65,000 and then subscribe to power via easy top up credits from 6 hours to 24 hours. You save up to 60% compared to running your generator. And the best part is that, if you choose, you can have reliable get 24 hours power. *special offer - use 6 hours continuously and get 18 hours free
3What is Solar Subscription?
Our Solar Subscription is for customers who need to buy power in longer blocks of time. Connect to our Smart Solar Inverter by paying a connection fee starting FROM N65,000 and then subscribe to power via easy top up credits from 7 and 28 days
4How do I sign up?
To sign up simply call us on 0909 894 4695. We will conduct a free energy assessment to determine the size of system you need and provide full information on our service. You then sign an agreement and we install.
5What can I power with my Solar Home System?
You can power your essential appliances. Please visit our Product Page for more information on our range of solar power systems.
6Do your Solar Home Systems provide 24 hours power?
Yes, if you choose to top up for 1 day. However, it is important that you monitor your energy usage throughout the day to make sure that you conserve enough power in your batteries for the night time when your solar panels do not generate electricity.
7What is included in my Solar Home System?
Your Solar Home System comes with Solar Panels, Smart Inverter (integrated charge controller). batteries and all other accessories. We carry out a full installation service with no hidden costs.
8What is the specification of your equipment?
A full specification of our equipment can be provided. Please call us on 0909 894 4695 or speak to one of our website chat agents.
9How durable are your products?
Our suppliers are the most dependable high premium producers in the solar industry.
10What happens if my system stops working?
A Solynta engineer will troubleshoot your system to determine the problem and carry out a repair or, if required.
11Do you carry out installations for businesses?
Yes. Solar power can greatly reduce operational costs for your business. You can request a site assessment of your property by contacting us on 0909 894 4695.
12How do I top up?
Credit your Smart Inverter for the desired hours or days via SMS.
13What happens if I don’t credit my account?
You must top up for a minimum amount of hours per month
14How do I pay my service fee?
Your weekly service fee payment will automatically be set up on your smart inverter. To buy top up credits you will need to clear your weekly service fee payment first.
15Can I upgrade my system later?
Yes. You can upgrade your system if your energy requirements increase. A charge will apply.
16Can I relocate my system?
Yes. A relocation fee applies depending on your location.
17How quickly do you install?
Due to popular demand we operate a waitlist for our Pay As You Go Plan.
18Do you have a referral scheme?
Yes, please visit our join us page to fine out more
19I'm a customer. How do I contact your customer service team?
Our customer service team can be reached at or on 0909 156 6603.
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