The Nigerian-German Business Conference: A positive Impact for Electricity Generation

Solar Exhibition @(SHELL COOPLAG EXPO)-A Positive Event For Nigeria
Gradual but steady-Nigeria’s solar industry effort towards 24 hrs electricity!

The evidence of progress and development of a country is symbolized by meaningful collaborations by its visionaries and leaders to work together.The impact of such is that industries would blossom and the economy would move forward.

At the Solar business Conference(A Nigerian-German Initiative) organized by the German Embassy and business moguls in Ikoyi-Lagos, participants came together to Identify and initiate strategic patnerships that will take advantage of the untapped energy opportunities in the country.

A true leader moves in front  and leads by example. As usual,Solynta Energy was represented by its able Founder and CEO – Mr Uvie Ugono


Speaking at the Conference, he talked about the success factors, challenges and opportunities for entering  the Nigerian market –using Solynta Energy’s experience as a reference point for the analysis.

Leading the German Delegation was the deputy Consul general of the German Embassy, Mrs Alexandra Herr who gave a welcome speech to kick start the conference on an interesting note. Also on ground to represent Gopa Intec Nigeria was Mr Tunde Isiolatan and Mr Francis Akinnuesi.

One of the points of discussion was how to address the challenge of educating the average individual who sees solar as an off-shelf product rather than a system that could solve his/her lifetime power problems. Also on discussion was  the greenhouse effect of running fuel-based generators for house-holds and businesses and how to promote the need to embrace current solar technology to Nigerians.

Other Critical Issues that were deliberated upon was the authentication and verification of proof that solar is working in Germany and can work in Nigeria as well.

The Conference was concluded with the resolve by attendees to form mutual partnerships that will explore solar power potential available within the country.

The implication of the above is that the Nigerian solar power industry will receive a big boost in terms of funding and technical support- which is an encouragement for long-term players to do better.

Gradually as more investors come into the industry, market forces(of demand and supply) will help drive the cost of obtaining solar even lower than what it is. Hence, pushing forward the aim of ensuring every Nigerian gets 24 hrs electricity!

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