1Benefits of Solar
• Save Money: enjoy a power solution that’s 90% cheaper than operating a traditional generator

• Convenient Top-Up: top up your power via SMS, no more trips to the filling station.

• Power On Demand: choose from 7 days or 28 days power bundles

• Dedicated Customer Support: our customer support are ready to assist you when you need

• Complimentary Maintenance: Free servicing and maintenance on our batteries and solar panels

• No Fumes: Our solution produces no harmful fumes, making it a cleaner healthier alternative

• Peace and Quiet: Enjoy a peaceful environment with a noise-free power
2Product Information
Our solar power subscription service offers you affordable on-demand power that is 90% cheaper than running a generator.

• We provide solar for homes and businesses

• Our systems are designed as hybrid units, utilizing both solar energy and PHCN for charging

• To get installed pay an affordable connection fee and one upfront 28-day subscription

• After that subscribe to power via SMS for 7days or 28 days as required

• You may also purchase credits in advance for extended periods

• To continue to use our service you must top up for a minimum of 2 weeks per month

• Your top up credits are not pausable

• If you no longer require our system we will remove it from your premises. Please note that your connection fee is non-refundable or any power credits that you have purchased and used
3Delivery & Installation
• Our service is in high demand, so we have implemented a waitlist system

• To secure your spot on the waitlist, you’ll need to provide basic KYC and sign our agreement.

• As soon as we have stock, you'll be invited to make your connection fee payment

• Your connection fee is to be paid to Solynta Energy LFZ Enterprises UBA 1024558892 only

• After we receive your connection fee, we'll confirm the dates for your delivery and installation

• Delivery typically occurs within 7 days of receipt of connection fee payment
4After Sales Support
• We provide continuous servicing and maintenance support. Should you encounter any problems with our system, we'll promptly assign an engineer to help you

• The maintenance of batteries and solar panels is completely free of charge. Plus, every customer is entitled to one complimentary inverter maintenance repair each year

• We can upgrade your system if your energy requirements increase. A charge will apply

• We can also relocate your system if you move. A fee will apply.