4 Ways YOU Can Make A Difference This Season

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4 Ways YOU Can Make A Difference This Season

The holidays aren’t just a time to receive gifts. It’s a time of the year when we open our hearts and think about others without the expectation of getting anything back. Whatever the challenges in your life, there are always people who don’t have what you do. By sparing time to help your wider community you will make a big difference. You’ll also be reminded of your blessings –  a humbling and grounding experience.

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  1. Donate To A Local OrphanageIn Nigeria there are an estimated 17.5 million orphans and vulnerable children. With this huge and growing number its very likely there are several orphanages in your vicinity who could use your help. The orphanages look after children who have lost either or both parents. Sadly, many of these youngsters have been abused. The orphanages aim is to educate and care for the children whilst providing a safe and caring environment where they can trust and laugh, grow and succeed. To do this they need support. Popular and practical donations include toiletries like toilet paper, laundry detergent and bath soap. Provisions such as rice, cooking oil and Indomie are also welcome. It’s a good idea to call ahead of time to introduce yourself and to find out the best time to visit as well as what they may need in particular.
  2. Support A Widow

One of the most valuable gifts you can give is your time and resources to the vulnerable and lonely like the widows in your community. As we know widows are often maltreated and stigmatized in society with some facing financial hardship as everything is taken away from them. Starting all over again with the sole responsibility of children to look after and sometimes with little skills or support is tough. The easiest way to connect with a widow is via your place of worship as many churches /mosques have existing programmes that you can key into. Becoming a friend and mentor to a widow is a special and rewarding calling that requires your patience, compassion and care.

  1. Run a Clothing Drive

Abundance has become one of the most obvious signs of our development. Whilst we are blessed to have so much there are plenty of families who are not as fortunate. Arranging a clothing drive is  a great way to make use of the clothing we no longer use or need.  The more people you involve the better. Spread the word on as many channels as you can to get donations. As soon as you get donations clean and sort them into children’s, men’s, women’s and miscellaneous bundles then pack them into bags or boxes to make handing them out easier.  You may choose to donate to a local family or identify a charity who can take these items from you. Be sure to capture and share photos you can share on social media and with all those who donated to encourage them to follow your lead!

  1. Teach Someone A Skill

Gift giving has become so routine that we forget that it does not have to involve a physical object. We all have  valuable talents that can be shared and help build sustainable communities. Why not volunteer to give your experience and time to enhance the skills of others. It could be as simple as teaching someone to read and write, how to sew, bake or even drive. Giving your time is also a great way to build and strengthen relationships.

 Lack of power keeps communities impoverished as electricity is an essential component to facilitating growth and development. Why not provide light to an orphanage or family in need at just N12,000 per month? Click here to find out more.

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