5 power safety tips you will need this season

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5 power safety tips you will need this season

Power consumption requires care – especially when using it with electrical appliances. This is as a result of its delicate nature and the potential hazard attached to it. But it becomes a matter of serious concern during festive seasons and holidays,as gadget usage increases and more power outlets are being used within the period.In order to protect one’s self from these hazards, there are some basic precautions that needs to be applied to ensure one is safe.They are:

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1.Ensure you inspect your electrical decorations for damage before use
Fragmented, damaged or cracked sockets(including loose and bare wires) are hazardous and should be properly handled as they may cause sparks and shocks – serious enough to start a fire.

2. Avoid connecting more than three strings of incandescent lights – Incandescent lights or bulbs consume huge wattage and when in strips,the wattage loads can add up quickly. Allowing more than three connections will increase the likelihood of sparks /fire as they can be very volatile when having contact via swings.

3. Try to replace cut, punctured electric cords and never run one under a rug or through a wet area
This is because when the cut or punctured part comes in contact with a wet floor, it can lead to dangerous sparks and electric shock –thereby making that area hazardous.

4. Always water your Christmas tree
Dry trees are conductors of heat or fire and a lot of Christmas trees are actually fashioned that way. When buying one, ensure it is labeled ‘fire-resistant’ or if not , make sure it is always watered so as to avoid the possibility of it igniting when in contact with heat.

5. Reduce or totally avoid decorations overload
Apart from having too many decorations, overloading your electrical outlets with excessive lights or devices can cause a fire and so should be avoided.

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