A Must Read Before Ditching Your Generator

Oyo State Government Approve Collaboration with Solar Firm and targets two million households for solar power.
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A Must Read Before Ditching Your Generator

Solynta’s Headquarters is based in Lagos however; its sales agents are based across the country. Each day they speak to hundreds of Nigerians who want to get rid of their generator for clean, affordable 24-hours power. As you can imagine, they get asked a wide range of questions from ‘Does Solar work?’ to ‘How do I know what size system I need?’ Here’s the top 3 questions the team gets asked to help better inform your decision on switching from generator to solar.

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Who are you?

Founder and CEO of Solynta, Uvie Ugono, inherited his exuberant passion for Nigeria from his mother,  Alice Ukoko, who dedicated her life to the tireless pursuit of empowering her fellow citizens. Wanting to help, Ugono moved from London to Nigeria to turn his mind to one of Nigeria’s biggest challenges – power. He created Solynta energy to bring affordable clean power to the nation.  Since 2013 Solynta has installed over 1.5MW of Solar Power for homes and businesses across the country. The company has a large team of in-house professionals from engineering, logistics and customer services, to sales and marketing. The company’s mission is to give every urban home and business affordable, clean 24-hours electricity creating a modern and empowered Nigeria. By 2030, 3 million solar rooftops will have been completed.

Why does Solar cost so much?

Solar power is a technology and as such it is a premium product wherever you go in the world. However, the significant return on investment makes purchasing a Solar Home System an attractive investment. Solar power is up to 75% less expensive than fuelling a generator and provides a 24-hours power solution. Furthermore, after 36-48 months solar owners have an independent and free source of power -the sun! The only investment required is replacement of some components every 4 or 5 years.  Compare this with the perpetual expense, noise, fumes and unreliability of a generator set.

To make going solar affordable Solynta has devised a range of unique financial packages.

3 easy payment plans:
1) Zero Money Down Solar
Pay zero upfront for a Solynta Solar Home System. Simply pay a small connection fee to get up and running. Repayment is made over a 36-48-month period.
2) Lease To Own
Pay a 50% deposit and spread the remaining balance over 24 months
3) Outright Purchase
Buy a Solar Home System outright and get a 10% discount off the overall purchase price

How can I be sure that my Solar Home System will work?

From inception, Solynta has made its customers experience the centre of its business operations. The company provides the highest quality trained staff and its products are the most robust in the industry to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. In addition, all Solynta products come with a 2-4-year warranty. Upon expiry of the warranty period customers can purchase an insurance plan for continuous service. In any case, the relationship between Solynta and its customers is life-long – the company is always just a phone call away.

Get Started
Now you’re ready to say goodbye to your generator and move to a life of ease and comfort, here’s how you can get onboarded with Solynta:

1. Contact Solynta for a FREE energy Assessment on 08035449410. They will find out what you need to power and recommend the best system size
2. Choose a Payment Plan
3. Sign a Contract
4. Get Installed

For more information please visit www.solyntaenergy.com

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