Compare the best energy solutions with ease.

Nordgold to Install Solar Panels at Burkina Faso Mines.
Should I go solar now or later?
Compare the best energy solutions with ease.

If you live in Nigeria most especially in an area with frequent power failure, you already know what it means to have alternative sources of power supply in your home. The two major alternative source of power in Nigeria are Solar power and generator.

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Out of these two commonly used sources of power in Nigeria, one has more benefits that supersede the other. However, to get the complete comparison of the best energy solution with ease, let’s take a look at the points stated below;

  • Solar system as soon as installed has little upkeep or additional cost. There is no fuel to purchase, given that the sun’s power fuels the system.
  • Generator are not so, after installation, a generator will certainly require routine maintenance by a specialist every 3months. Generator call for fuel -a price that is frequently boosting. Also, relocating generator parts must be changed from time to time as a result of deterioration.
  • Solar power systems have no relocating components to wear out or require lubrication as soon as mounted.
  • Solar energy could be less hassle-free to purchase and install, considering that its not as commonly offered as generators.
  • Generators needs to be kept track often to be certain of adequate fuel is available. It has to be replenished commonly when utilized as a regular source of power.
  • Solar power receives in power through the panels, free of cost and saved in batteries, It awaits usage when needed, however, in time of minimized use, the power stays in storage space.
  • Generators runs regularly, regardless the amount of power being used at a given time. As they run, they eat pricey energy. When power usage is decreased in bright day time, generators need to remain to run.
  • Solar power has no discharges when functioning. Solar power makes use of a sustainable power source.
  • A giant drawback to generator use is still the concern of discharges as well as the environmental pollution that arises as a result of smoky air released into the atmosphere. this is said to be dangerous for our health
  • Solar panels also have a very long lifetime. Manufacturers advertise a lifetime of 20 to 25 years, in the case of generator, it’s different as generator may not serve than 10years.

Generators are generally very expensive to run and maintained. For majority of people, the resolution for solar power versus generator argument is to mount a full solar home system for 24hrs power. Utilizing solar power as the main energy resource will certainly conserve money, it will save over 80% on fuel costs. The sun is cost-free. solar power is convenient, reliable and environmental friendly.

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