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Like most technologies, solar systems are a combination of different parts which work together to give a desired output. However, we only get to see one part frequently – the panels. And because of this, many are oblivious of what a solar system really consists of.

Below are the three (3) primary components of a solar system.

  • Panels

Solar panels are the most visible element of your system, this is why everyone is quite familiar with it. We can easily tell who runs his/her residence or business on solar by looking up on their roofs as the solar panels are mounted there.

The way that solar panels work is that the panels generate direct current electricity as sunlight, or solar irradiation, stimulates electrons to move though solar cells that are in-built into the solar panels. Contrary to what some may think, it is the sunlight itself, and not heat, that generates the electricity. In fact, overheated panels can become less efficient, similar to a computer overheating. Panels are designed to be able to withstand warm climates (although the Nigerian weather is relatively bearable even up north) There are a lot of solar providers in the country and thus, a wide variety of solar panels on the market – so knowing where to start can be tricky. For more information on where and how to get started with solar, read this:https://bit.ly/358tkxk

  • Inverters

Inverters are an important part of any solar energy system. Their purpose is to convert the DC electricity that the solar panels produce into AC electricity, which is what powers everything in your home or business. The inverter is a hardworking piece of equipment that works constantly throughout the lifetime of your system – so it is important to monitor this company frequently and ensure it is always in perfect condition. However, topnotch solar providers ensure that your inverters come with a warranty as well. The longevity of your solar system and particularly your inverter is greatly dependent on your solar providers. In this article, we discuss the importance of partnering with a reputable solar company that provides you with high quality solar system components.

  • Batteries

Robust batteries are the most critical part of a solar system. The batteries are used to store energy generated during the day to be used throughout the night when the system is no longer generating power because of the absence of sunlight. This component’s technology is quickly developing into a more feasible option for those who primarily use their energy in the evenings. It is also very crucial as it is not expected that a household will run on electricity for the entire day and be in absolute darkness at night.


A solar system is more than just panels, it is technology which comprises primarily of the components that work together to power our homes.

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