Customer service week “The magic of service”

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Customer Visit

International Customer Service Week was an opportunity for us to recommit to our pledge to deliver the very best experience to all our customers – internal and external.

The theme of this year’s event was ‘The Magic of Service.’ The most magical moment of the week was an open session with some of our customers who shared how we had powered their homes and empowered their lives. Suggestions were also put forward on how we can go further towards our mission to significantly expand access to electricity nationwide.


We will be adopting some of these ideas over the coming months. Thank you to all our customers over the 6 years of our operations for entrusting us with your dreams for a better and brighter life. Thank you also to our supporters across social media and our Share Solar Programme.

We are fully buoyed to give you our very best.

Staff Recognition 

Customer Service Week was an opportunity for our 41 staff across the field and in our head office to get together as the real magicians.


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