Easter Big Sale – Solar installations for Homes and Businesses is trending…

Really, How Much can you Save going Solar?
How going Solar will guarantee you cleaner air and pollution-free environment

Happy celebrations Everyone! Easter is trending and believe we all have plans to rock and roll!

The Easter Big Sale promo is on! Don’t miss out!!

However as part of preparations for this festive season,solar installations where carried out for smart homes and businesses.

All neatly done and to taste!

*A quick one – from the look of these panels,what system size were they installed for?(hint – http://bit.ly/2IPFqxR)

Your guess is as good as ours!



So far,installations on the roof have been the most common.But what you may not know is that solar can be installed in open spaces with enough access to sunlight.Hence,there are also  pole-top installations.Check it out!





And of-course,we also want to recognize Solynta’s  resillient engineers for a job welldone.Thumbs-up!


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