Financial Habits That Can Save Your 2021

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Solar on a Budget. Is That Possible
Financial Habits That Can Save Your 2021

It’s a new year and the energy is high! Once again, happy new year to you and yours.

The previous year taught us a lot. From safety and health precautions to the necessity of speaking up – even about the topics we’re mostly wary about addressing. One of such topics is on finances.

For many reasons, we learn to keep our finances private and eventually we rule out the topic as conversation. Unfortunately, we just may be entertaining some money/financial beliefs that might be marring instead of making us.

In this article, we will be pointing out four basic financial habits that will better your lot this year.

  • Create and Follow a Budget

A simple definition of a budget is ‘an estimate of income and expenditure over a set period of time’

For most of us, keeping track of our expenditure is quite a challenge. However, it is quite important to do this for quite some reasons. The presence of a budget helps us track exactly where our money is going (you would be surprised to see that in most cases, it is the smallest, seemingly irrelevant things that consume the most of our monies), knowledge and the presence of a budget will help your savings and investments, it will also help with expenditure – you will get the things you actually need.

  • Keep Good Investments

When it comes to investing, the idea behind it is not as complex. It is simply putting out money to make more money for you. In present times, there are numerous investment choices to choose from. The one biggest mistake most people make is going for an investment opportunity that they do not understand properly. In most cases like that, they are bound to lose out.

So, when going for an opportunity, do research, attend webinars/seminars, ensure that you have ample knowledge about the opportunity before investing. Our Bank Acquisition Funding is an excellent, investment opportunity to jump on this year. Not only is the chance to get more returns, there is also the chance to make a great impact in the solar industry here in Nigeria.

  • Avoid Ponzi Schemes (Get Rich Easy)

It is truly amusing at how many ‘get rich easy’ schemes are out there. And even more, how they always arise toward the end of the year and put most people in a frenzy.

Many  people fall for these schemes. And while some are better disguised than others, you have to understand that ponzi schemes will not offer as much information as a credible investment will. So, asking enough questions until your doubt is cleared is  very important.



  • Spend Less Than You Earn

Spending less than you earn is one idea that people quickly label as frugal or cheap. In a bid to not come off as any of the aforementioned, people rope themselves into a pile of debt.

This drives us back to the importance of budgeting. With a well-drawn out budget, you have a track of how much inflow you have and an estimate of how much necessarily needs to go out. This month, keep track of everything you spent on, find out if you could do without them. Categorize between ‘necessity’ and ‘miscellaneous’. Draw up your budget against next month from there.


Make the right financial choices this year and avoid dry pockets by taking advantage of our investment opportunity now!

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