Finding the right solar system in 2022

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Nigeria, others spend $20bn yearly on generators- Wood Mackenzie

The start of a new year means new beginnings and if you’re like most people, you will be considering what actions you can take to make your 2022 a successful one. Thankfully the answer is closer to home than you may think. Securing reliable and affordable power means you can choose to run your business or work from home, work longer and be more productive and importantly make home a place of comfort and serenity for your family. Over 500,000 households in Nigeria are already enjoying these wide range of benefits with a solar home system.

Solar panels are an obvious choice for any homeowner or tenant as they take advantage of the abundant sunlight available in Nigeria. The good news is that the growing popularity of the technology is making it more accessible and affordable exactly at a time when households are seeking to reduce costs, with fuel expenditure being the prime target.

Whilst individual spend varies according to the size of ones pocket, as a nation we spend over $22 billion  annually on generator fuel. The figures are staggering.  Going solar guarantees the average home or business constant power and an instant reduction of 60-70% on fuel bills. Therefore, making an investment in solar is certainly worth it and there’s no better time than now to make the move following reports that full deregulation of PMS prices could happen as early as February raising prices by N130 per litre .

So, where should you start when trying to find the right solar power system? Here are some key recommendations by our team of experts.

On choosing the right provider….

‘A home or business owner should really be prioritising choosing the right solar company. One of the challenges is that a lot of people simply don’t. Understandably they’re most interested in the cost of the solar home system and getting that price down to as little as possible. However, when you partner with a reliable and experienced solar company you can rest assured that your investment, however large or small, is safe. Your system will continue to serve you in the long run. So, a wise buyer will always want to be safe and think long term’

Chidi Nwabekeyi
Solar Sales Representative

On choosing a system…

‘It’s really important that you identify your key energy requirements when getting a solar home system to ensure that you maximise the financial benefits. Think about what you currently need to power versus a wish list of items that will increase your costs. Secondly, seek advice on how you can become more energy efficient to reduce your financial commitments further, that could be achieved by simply replacing your current light bulbs with LED ones or swapping out your old devices with ones that require less energy to power them. Lastly, energy management is key once you’re installed. A lot of customers find this difficult. A good solar company will show you how to monitor your loads to make sure your system provides a happy 24-hours solution.

Victor Braimah
Solar Engineer

On being decisive…

‘There are a lot of options for solar buyers at present however we expect demand to skyrocket in light of some of the relatively recent announcements with regards to the imminent removal of fuel subsidy. Coupled with the pressure on global supply chains, putting off the decision to go solar now is likely to mean consumers will have to wait longer for solar products. During this wait time they will face the financial discomfort of higher fuel costs and less hours of power. It’s likely that businesses will feel the squeeze of this in particular. I would urge people to get ahead of the queue by being decisive ’

Victor Nwosu
Solar Consultant

We understand that going solar can seem like a big change despite the clear benefits. We want to make this process simple for you by providing you with a free consultation. All you need to do is fill in the call back request. We  will get back to you as soon as possible. The service is free and non-binding. You can rest assured that you’ll get the best information on solar that will help you to make that important switch to a better 2022.

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