Five Wonderful reasons why solar is best for you in 2019

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Five Wonderful reasons why solar is best for you in 2019

Going into the New Year without adequate plans for constant electricity can be very risky – especially if we will be needing power for very important activities. But when the right decision is made, such risk can be minimized.
Making use of renewable energy such as Solar can help satisfy our power needs and stabilize energy in-flow into our homes. Really, what makes solar a good source and choice of energy? Here are some reasons –

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1. It is environmentally friendly:

Due to its renewable nature, Solar power does not pollute the environment. Unlike coal and fuel energy, it doesn’t emit dangerous fumes and gases when in use.

2. It is cheaper:

When compared to generators and other fuel powered energy source, it is far cheaper and less expensive to maintain

3.It has little or no side-effect during usage:

Unlike generators that can stain walls from fumes or create noisy environments after prolonged use, solar has none of such side effects.

4.It lasts longer:

Solar components are basically built to last long. For instance, warranty on panels made by reputable service providers can be as long as 25 years! This is a considerable amount of time when compared with fuel generators and other sources of energy

5. Its source of energy is infinitely abundant in supply:

Solar gets it energy from the Sun. And as such, the sun produces tons of energy which it emits without any sign of depletion! It is immensely abundant in supply.

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