Going solar has helped my family to save over 80% on fuel costs.

ACWA Power Wins Bid to Power Two Plants in Ethiopia.
A secretive startup backed by Bill Gates has achieved a solar breakthrough aimed at saving the planet.
Going solar has helped my family to save over 80% on fuel costs.

Power outages is a major issue in Nigeria, only one in four have access to power, and of those that do only a small minority have power supply for more than a few hours a day to run their businesses or power their homes. “Epileptic” might be the right word to describe this situation.

 Meet Mr Anthony Okoli

Mr Anthony is a manager in Nigeria banking sector and one of our customers living in Lagos with his family.


His Power Challenge

He had been running on a generator every day. His average weekly spend on generator fuel was N15,000 which amounts to N60,000 in a month this is excluding the cost of maintenance.

According to him, “The noise from generator could be annoying with the oil dripping from the generator which messes up the ground often.”

Mr. Anthony got tired of generator wahala in 2017 and needed a lasting and affordable power solution.

He visited Solynta Energy website, and got our contact number which enabled him to speak with customer service team.

He simply solved his power problems by switching to a Solynta zero deposit down solar plan of 2KW full solar home system.

2kw full solar home system

What does going solar really mean for Mr. Anthony and his family?

His monthly spend on fueling a generator was N60,000 for just 8hours per day, now that is running on solar power 24/7, he has reduced his power costs to N48,000 monthly full warranty on all products.
He now enjoys 4years warranty and 24hours power with his family without generator noise, fumes and maintenance stress.

In 3 years he would be saving over N432,000 which could be channeled towards major expenses such as housing costs or school fees.

According to him, “Using solar power as the alternative energy resource has helped me, certainly to conserve money with over 80% saved on fuel costs”

The sun is a big resource that is cost-free. solar power is convenient, reliable and environmental friendly for every homes in Nigeria.

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