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The holidays are a time of year when we exchange gifts to show our loved ones that we care . We tend to have more cash than usual as we have been saving to make our gifts special. Nonetheless, being practical and looking beyond the season isn’t a bad idea, right? Try not to  be tempted to buy gifts that simply burn your money. Be more practical and consider what you can invest in that will not only put a smile on your loved one’s face but also play a transformative role in their lives in 2020.

24 Hours Solar Power

 Solar Power is a great and unique gift . We may appear to be biased but we’re sure you agree that anyone would love to receive the gift of constant clean power for the holiday season and years to come. Electricity is an important part of running our homes and businesses. Imagine your family enjoying appliances such as lighting, fridge, television and gadgets throughout the day and with ease. Or your business thriving because you have uninterrupted power increasing your productivity greatly.

Gift Certificates

Most major retail outlets offer gift certificates that you can purchase.  Rather than spending money on something your loved ones may not need or use,  a gift certificate allows them the freedom to choose for themselves. Here’s how a gift card works. You decide how much you would like to gift in monetary terms and the retailer loads the desired denomination onto a card which you gift. Your loved ones can then visit the retailer with their gift certificate and redeem goods to the value of the amount you paid. Gift cards are a practical choice as they are  less likely to be wasted, help you to stick to your budget for gifting and they can also support businesses.

School Expenses
January 2020 heralds a new school term with soaring costs for tuition fees, books, uniform and other learning materials. Why not help a parent /young person you care about to meet these costs? Depending on the amount needed you could choose to gift alone or join with other family members/friends to jointly contribute to meet the full expenses. When you support a parent to send their children to go to school you are offering a life line and a brighter future.

Power Bank
We spend a lot of time on-the-go without access to electricity to charge our vital gadgets such as phone or notebook. Whether you’re sat in traffic going to work or running errands during a break discovering your battery is about to die is incredibly frustrating and stressful. If you are looking for a great present that will solve this common problem, then you must have a power bank on your shopping list. Due to the increasing popularity of this device you will need to consider a few things to be able to choose the best option. For example, the capacity of the power bank. A bigger milliamp (mAh) specification means the device will last longer. Also, make sure you know how long it takes to fully charge. There are a multitude of options that meet every budget, so this is the most affordable gift on our list and one that will still make an impact. Being able to recharge their key gadgets wherever they are will put a smile on anyone’s face!

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