How a leaf (Fern) Helps To Improve Solar Power Storage

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How a leaf (Fern) Helps To Improve Solar Power Storage

Energy storage has been a  challenge and scientists have been working to ensure better performance.Fortunately,they’ve found one!

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Polystichum munitum (an American fern) has inspired a groundbreaking electrode that could help storage of solar. The new type of electrode created by RMIT University researchers could boost the capacity of existing  storage technologies by 3000 percent.It may also open a new ways to the development of flexible thin film all-in-one solar capture and storage, bringing us one step closer to self-powering smart phones, laptops, cars and buildings.

The awesome electrode that is made with graphene, could open the door to  a flexible, thin solar capture and storage technology. This would allow an opportunity to place thin film on smartphones, cars, or buildings –thereby enabling them to power themselves with solar energy.


The electrode could be combined with supercapacitors, which have been combined with solar already but haven’t been widely utilized for storage due to limited capacity. But this prototype can increase their capacity 30 times greater than current boundary.


If scientists could build on this research and the electrode is used within a solar cell, it could be used to develop flexible thin film solar – thereby replacing the rigid, bulky solar cells that are limited in use.And so, we may not need smartphone batteries any longer.Hybrid cars may not need charging stations too.

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