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The renewables industry is continually working on innovations to improve technology that allows for higher consumer satisfaction. One of such developments is solar power storage. Solar batteries are designed to ensure hiccup free electricity and make life easier for solar owners.

Solar batteries are one part of a complete a solar power system which comprises of the following components:
• Solar panels : these are usually mounted on the roof of the building. Solar panels collect energy from the sun by absorbing light from it and transmitting it to an inverter to turn it into electrical energy.
• An inverter : then turns that energy into the right kind of current to power a home. The energy derived from the sun by the solar panels is called direct current and an inverter changes this to alternate current. It is this alternate current that powers our homes.
• Batteries :Excess power is transmitted to the batteries which will store up power that can be used at night time or in the case of a blackout.
• Charge Controller: this ensures that batteries are not overcharged to avoid damages.
Solar batteries help offset a solar home’s reliance on the utility during the regular daily slowdowns in energy production as well as in uncertain situations such as a blackout. If a home’s panels produce more energy than is required on a normal day, the excess energy is stored in the solar battery. In developed countries the excess electricity produced can be sent back to the grid and the homeowner receives a fee.
Later in the day, when the solar panels stop producing energy (as the sun has set), solar batteries will power a home from the stored energy.
A solar battery is a vital component of a solar power system. Below are some advantages to it.
1. Quiet backup power
Solar batteries provide you with backup power when the grid goes down. Unlike conventional generators, which many people use during prolonged power outages, solar batteries don’t make any noise or pollution.
That means you get the benefit of reliable instant power, without the noise and air pollution that comes with gas-guzzling generators. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting fuel to power a solar battery, which can be expensive and time consuming.
2. More Independence
With solar batteries, you do not have to rely as much on your utility. This is great news, especially if you live in an area that experiences frequent blackouts.
3. More Savings on Utility bills
The presence of solar batteries in your solar power system also helps you save on your electricity bill. However, how much you can save varies depending on the type of net metering your utility offers.
In summary, solar power systems are designed to give you all round comfort with electricity in all situations. It is for this reason that the batteries of your solar power system are crucial and you should partner with a reputable solar company which offers you a complete system backed with warranties. Solynta Energy offers solar power systems which come with all components and warranties
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