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One of the major draw backs with purchasing or investing in an item is understanding its work mechanism. We are less likely to purchase an item we do not fully understand how to utilize or do not fully understand how it works.
For solar panels and converting to the use of solar energy, there is always quite some hesitation from most individuals. The belief that the use of solar energy is quite expensive, or the absence of basic knowledge on how these amenities work fuels such hesitance.
Solar panels are not as complex as they may seem. They work through a process known as the ‘photovoltaic effect’. The panels are made of silicon which is able to generate electricity.
Solar panels absorb sunlight energy with photovoltaic cells and generate ‘Direct Current’ energy. Direct Current energy is then converted to ‘Alternate Current’ energy by the help of an inverter. It is this energy that flows through the household or firm as electricity.
Solar panels work in three basic steps:
Photovoltaic cells absorbs sun light energy and converts it to direct current energy
The solar inverter converts direct current energy to alternate current.
Appliances are powered by the inflow of electricity from solar panels.
Solar power is clean, noiseless and reliable and our duty at Solynta Energy is to power your homes or organization with the naturally abundant sunlight. Would you like to learn more about our installment plans? Reach us on any of our media platforms.

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