How Our Smart Solar Inverter works

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How Our Smart Solar Inverter works

At Solynta Energy, we are constantly working to make a difference by powering as many Nigerians with the sun and making their solar power experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

This stance is what has birthed so many of our ingenious ideas and projects. Our smart solar inverter is one of such.

A smart inverter allows constant solar power supply on your own terms. With the new Solar Subscription Plan, you can choose which power plan works for you. That means, you have the choice of how many hours or days you need to power your home. Tailoring time to suit your schedule be it just 6 hours of power or 24 hours of constant electricity.

The smart inverter allows you top up your hours from the comfort of your home.  How does it work? Below are simple steps to operating our smart solar inverter.

1. Profile Creation

When you sign up for our Solar Subscription Plan, you will receive a contract setting our the terms and conditions of the package. You can then pay your installation fee and have your solar materials installed by our professionals. We will then create a profile for you in our customer software which will contain your basic information including your phone number.

2. Activation

During the installation, the engineer assigned to make the installation will activate your smart inverter and ensure you have an understanding of how the technology works. This is to ensure that you can top up power credits on your own in the convenience of your home subsequently

3. Payment Link

A unique payment link would be sent to your mobile phone. This is the link you would use whenever you need to top up. This link allows you to make a purchase from the comfort your home.

4. Uninterrupted Power Supply

You receive an SMS with a code once you have made payment for top up. You will input this code onto your smart inverter which will unlock and power up your home for the desired amount of time.

Thanks to technological advancement in the solar industry, we have come up (and are still coming up) with effective ways to make your switch to solar easy, more reliable, more economical and fun.

Our Solar Subscription Plans and smart inverter not only ease your transition to solar power but also further tailor your power plan to best suit your lifestyle be it working from home and in need of constant power supply or having a 9 -5 and in need of power supply for a few hours of the day.

Call us on 0909 894 4695 for more information about our solar packages.

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