How to Discover a Solar Installer that Will Specifically Fit your Needs

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How to Discover a Solar Installer that Will Specifically Fit your Needs

Has solar been on your mind but you just don’t know where to start? Or you do know where to start, but you don’t know with whom to start? If either is the case, this blog post is for you! It will offer useful tips for discovering and selecting the solar installer that is right for you.

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  1. Firstly, what are your needs? You must identify them.

Do you need a 1kW of power, or perhaps more as you want to power more items? It is important to know how much power you need, and if not then know how many appliances you want to power and the amount of power they require. This then allows you to identify installers that offer the amount of power you need to sustain your lifestyle.

  1. On the subject of lifestyle, what can you afford?

Solar energy is often perceived to be on the expensive side, and although that can be the case often, it isn’t always. There are innovative solar installer companies that are finding new routes of making solar panels available and affordable such as engineering subscription plans for solar energy. If you can pay outright that is great, but if not, it isn’t the end and it is advisable to seek out solar installers that allow you to have solar power within your means.

  1. Thirdly, you must consider the long term!

Much like any other piece of technology that runs daily, hiccups are inevitable and, unfortunately, expensive. It is then paramount when picking a solar installer to seek out solar installers that don’t just install but are willing to ride the journey with you and help with the bumps along the way. Similarly, you should consider the number of years warranty on their system and compare it with systems of other installers before deciding on one.

  1. Research! Research! Research!

The above tips encourage knowing what you want but it is equally important to know the installers you are trusting. Are they accredited? Check the internet for details on their certification to install solar panels. Seek out positive testimonials about the installer’s work from either people around you or websites such as Yelp, BBC and Facebook (preferably with pictures as tangible evidence).

To close, the main ingredient to finding the solar installer for you is to take initiative to figure out exactly what it is that you desire and then seek out the installer that can do that for you through thorough research. I hope this blog has proved helpful in your quest for the perfect solar installer for you – it is my wish that you find them.

– Ime-Ruth Udoh

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