ICEED Trains Women Solar Technicians in BORNO.

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ICEED Trains Women Solar Technicians in BORNO.

The International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED) under its project “Borno Maida Project” has trained the first 24 solar technicians out of its targeted 140 for Borno State. The training which has a combination of intensive practical and classroom sections had five{5} young women among the graduated solar technicians. ICEED has promised that a total of 140 young men and women would be trained on solar installation and business in six {6} LGAs of Borno state. Some health and educational facilities in these locations will be equipped with solar energy kits to increase protection for Women and Children.

Executive Director of ICEED, Ewah Eleri in a statement noted that solar energy is indeed an alternative energy solution and alslo that solar technicians are almost non-existent in conflict affected communities of Borno state also adding that solar energy business has been and continues to be a male-dominated field,leaving women out of the livelihood track. He also added that in order to address this gaps, the ICEED in partnership with Mercy Corps with funding from the European Commission is implementing a project aim at strengthening resilience and improve the livelihood of people in six of the LGAs affected by the insurgency in Borno State.

In conclusion he added saying: “I am glad that women in Borno are beginning to get involved in an area that has been seen as the exclusive preserve of men. Solar energy offers a win-win situation for anybody that wants to get in as an entrepreneur. I am sure in a short while; you will start reaping the benefits of this training. In providing the installations, the trained solar technicians will be actively involved, thus enhancing their skills and visibility.”

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